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RESERVATIONReservation 綫上預約

Online Reservation 綫上預約

If you have found a desired girl you would like to spend time with, please fill in the following information and submit the form.

If you are undecided about which companion to choose, please input your preferred type of girl in the designated field for the desired girl. (e.g. girls with large bust, tall/short, plumpish/skinny)
※ Feel free to provide more specific details.

Once you have submitted the form, our customer service will contact you.
(Contacting Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
※ You can submite the form at anytime.

Please ensure that you provide the accurate contact ID.
※ In case of incomplete information, we would not be able to reach out with you.


※ 歡迎提供更多具體喜歡類型的信息給我們。

※ 歡迎您隨時提交表格

※ 由於錯誤的聯絡ID可能會導致我們無法與您取得聯絡

Username 用戶名*
Name of the Girl 預約女生名*
Contact Method 聯絡方式*
Contact ID 聯絡ID*
Date & Time 見面日期和時間*
Time Course 游玩時長*
Address & Name of Bldg 地址和建築名稱
Other Requirements 其他要求


OPEN: 24時間